Meet the Designer ~ Q&A with Remi Lane.

Meet the queen of 70's style fashion, Remi Lane.

The young Perth based designer who describes her pieces as 70's inspired, casual luxury, has paved her way into the fashion industry with her stand out style and unique, ethical designs. 

Kaimu has proudly stocked Remi since 2020 and we just had to get to know her a little deeper. Remi kindly took some time out of her week to discuss her inspirations and the importance of maintaining an ethical fashion label. 


Designer: Remi

State: WA

Colour: Brown and Orange 

Season: Favourite season is Spring

Styling Accessory: Neck scarf 

Can’t live without: If we're talking fashion, my big 70s platform boots



Remi, tell us a little bit about yourself

Well... my name's Remi, I'm 25 and live in the beautiful state of Western Australia!

I fell in love with fashion from a very young age (changing my outfit 3-4 times a day when I was 4).

Becoming a Fashion Designer was always my dream and as I grew older, that dream stayed the same!

How did the brand Remi come about?

I always had dreams about becoming a fashion designer since I was a young girl, I studied fashion design for four years, showcased my first collection at Perth Fashion Festival and thought it would be great if the audience had something to purchase after. So my business partner (Carilyn aka mum) and I decided to create Remi!



Who or what would you say inspires you?

Past decades certainly play a big role in our collections inspiration. I just love finding old photos, whether that be family members or celebrities and seeing what clothing they would wear and how they would wear it. Especially older movies made in the 50's - 80's, I can't take my eyes off of their clothes!



How would you describe the Remi Style?

70's inspired, casual luxury.

Why is being an ethical fashion brand so important to you?

During my studies we had a unit revolving around the ethical side of fashion. This was the first time I had heard about the effects the fashion industry had on our people and planet.

After watching "The True Cost", a documentary about the Rana Plaza collapse, it really opened up my eyes. From that moment on I knew when producing clothing it had to be ethically made.

A lot of big brands still use factories that; pay minimum wage (this is not a living wage), child labour, unsafe working conditions, exposure to harsh chemicals and huge workhours.

We never want to be like this, that is why ethical fashion is important to us.



What is your inspiration behind Babylon Club?

Miami in the 70's, our photoshoot was also heavily inspired by this.

What’s your favourite piece from this collection and why?

That is a hard one, I'd have to say the Marigold or Elvira Dress, it's such a flattering style and I can see myself pairing it with stockings, knee high boots and a turtleneck for winter.



What is your number one styling tip/advice?

Don't be afraid of accessories, my go to is; oversized 70's sunnies, little neck scarf, big earrings, some jewels on my fingers, a classic bag and shoes that tie the outfit together.


At Kaimu, we love to support talented Australian designers who care about ethical fashion and our planet. You can find Remi's pieces online here or in our Boutique.

You can also find Remi on Instagram~  @_remi


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