Our Story

Monique the founder of Kaimu

From Natural Beginnings..

Growing up on the coast of Fremantle, Western Australia with the constant salty air, sand between her toes, listening to the sound of waves crashing and soaking up the warmth of the sun, Monique grew an ingrained love for the ocean.

Driven by her deep love for travel, art & the coastal lifestyle, Monique was inspired to create an ocean dream and brought it into reality with style.  She saw the beauty of nature and the sense of calmness it brings her – and now she’s on a mission to express and share the love she found through locally designed, eco-conscious fashion pieces. Kaimu was founded in 2017 as an online store and humbly began to thrive as a local boutique one year later.

Kaimu Logo

The name Kaimu (pronounced as kye-moo) means Ocean Dreamer or Gathering by The Sea.

Kaimu proudly supports small talented labels that are ethically produced and aiming to be more sustainable. We have a beautiful, curated collection of independent labels, providing you with new and different pieces that are created by Australian designers who are just as unique as you.

We select pieces that speak to us with prints, textures and colours inspired by culture, nature, and the love of travelling. We are in a constant state of wanderlust and want to do our part in taking care of our beautiful Earth by selecting garments made from natural, eco-friendly materials.

Kaimu Boutique

Our goal is to give women the ability to feel confidently beautiful in their own skin and to help them radiate their own free-spirited vibe through their clothing whilst being conscious of our planet. It makes our heart so warm & full seeing people out and about wearing their treasures they've purchased from Kaimu.

 Thank You for supporting us and supporting small !

~ Monique & The Kaimu Team