Luxury Incense Sticks

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Lux Aestiva’s luxury range of incense sticks are hand rolled at the base of the Himalayas.
This incense range is skillfully handcrafted by artisans who combine naturally scented ground herbs, resins, spices and botanicals into a paste and carefully hand roll onto a bamboo core and allowed to dry. The artisans create some of the highest quality incense in the world.
Place stick in your incense vessel. Light the end. Allow flame to catch. Extinguish flame by blowing gently while continuing to let it smolder.
Paradise  hand rolled incense is reminiscent of the deep, woody spice of a forest grove. Burn to release rich, woody aromas and subtle waves of sandalwood.
Sea Mist hand rolled incense, crisp and fresh with lusciously sweet intoxicating top notes. Burn to transport you to a sacred world, providing deep transcendent rejuvenation.
Dreamer hand rolled incense, intoxicating heavenly floral notes with a sweet woody undertone. Burn to create deep, sensuous breezes to uplift and enlighten.
Gypsea hand rolled incense, a warm romantic incense, conjuring notes of powdered rose petals. Burn to release intoxicating, romantic and passionate waves of a deeply floral warm breeze.
Why are our incense sticks different to ‘normal’ and often much cheaper incense stick? The methods utilised by our artisans provides a much purer, natural scent than you'll find with cheaper sticks that are often made by 'dipping' absorbent sawdust-coated sticks into synthetic fragrances and other chemicals.
You will be surprised and disappointed to learn of the inferior materials often used in cheap modern incense - ingredients such as coal powder, washing soda ash, grease and used motor oils, rubber solutions and melted tyres, and even albumen powder derived from the blood of slaughtered animals are often used as binding agents. Cheaper, inferior incense sticks often use synthetic perfumes and fragrances that are also believed to produce harmful CO2 when burnt.
All our incense are free of animal products and are 100% vegan.
Burn time per stick is approx. 40 minutes. 
20 Sticks per box.
* Please note, we do not ship this product internationally. 
Luxury Incense Sticks
Luxury Incense Sticks
Luxury Incense Sticks
Luxury Incense Sticks
Luxury Incense Sticks