Vitamin C Glow Kit

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 Vitamin C Glow Kit is an absolute dream! Bundled in a beautiful box featuring artwork from Sundry Society, this skincare kit is the ultimate skin brightening, at-home-spa experience and is SUCH an indulgent treat for the skin.


1x Vitamin C Serum
1x Pink Dragonfruit Maks
1x Face Mask Brush



Step 1

After cleansing, apply our Pink Dragonfruit Face Mask with the application brush, leave on for 15 minutes


After washing off with warm water, gently apply the Vitamin C Serum to face and neck

Pink Facial Exfoliant

Go forth and GLOW!


Start by applying our Pink Dragonfruit Face Mask with the application brush to deeply clean out pores. Pink Clay works to pull out toxins, impurities and excess oils while Pink Dragonfruit, Tasmanian Pepper Berry and Desert lime work to boost the skin's Vitamin C and collagen production. This Pink Face Mask is free from artificial colours and is perfectly balanced to give the skin so much love for a bright, healthy and glowing appearance. 

After washing off the clay face mask with warm water, it's time for our Vitamin C Face Serum. This powerhouse active formula effectively brightens, hydrates and firms the skin. The Facial Serum is blended with nature's finest skin-brightening ingredients like Pink Dragonfruit, Desert Lime and Australian Kakadu Plum, which has the world's highest levels of Vitamin C. Together with Hyaluronic Acid, our Vitamin C Serum boosts Vitamin C levels while keeping skin hydrated and plump. 

Indulge in this Vitamin C infused at-home-facial each week and see your skin be completely transformed before your eyes into a healthy and GLOWING appearance. This is self-care at its finest.


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Vitamin C Glow Kit
Vitamin C Glow Kit
Vitamin C Glow Kit
Vitamin C Glow Kit